Room Reservations Form and Booking Process

Room Reservations
To request a classroom, computer lab, or conference room in the Silberman building you will need to complete the Faculty/Staff Reservation Request Information Form and submit it to Mike Dunham ( You will then receive a booking request confirmation via email.


Private meeting with Students
If you need a private room to meet with a student, one option is to reserve the study rooms in the library. Rooms are reserved at the Circulation Desk in person (no reservations are taken over the phone) for groups of 2 to 8. They may be reserved up to 2 weeks in advance and for 2 hour intervals.  You can also walk in and use a study room that is unoccupied, BUT if you are alone, you will be relocated if a group needing a room or with a standing reservation arrives.

Please do not meet with students individually at your private offices. The best places to meet with students would be on-campus, by phone, or online via Blackboard Collaborate which is integrated into your Blackboard course site.


Silberman Building Room Schedule
To view the Calendar of events online, please go to the Silberman Class & Event Schedule – This displays the location and time of classes and events in the Silberman building. Special access is not required.