Grades are submitted towards the end of every semester through CUNYFirst. You will receive an email letting you know the period of time in which you need to enter grades. Please follow these instructions to enter your grades.
Grading is essentially pass/fail and students should receive one of the following for their final grade:

H = Honors
CR = Credit
NC = No Credit

Anything below a B (82.5) is considered NC.

Please review the Grade Definitions document for more details.


Letter Grades
Occasionally, some of your students may request letter grades. This request must be submitted by then end of the second week of class. Please review the instructions for requesting letter grades.


Incompletes/No Credit Grades
Please review this document to address concerns you may have about a student’s ability to successfully complete your course. If you have identified issues, let your chair know and cc them on emails to the student, when appropriate. Also, please make sure to keep up-to-date and clear documentation in case further action is necessary. Students and faculty member must complete an Incomplete Contract.


Grade Change Form

Faculty members and approved Administrators (only) may submit grade change forms .

Grade change forms must be completed in person at Silberman Student Services [ 3rd floor] Please see Rob Lorey ( Room 306) in the Office of Student Services to obtain a form, receive  assistance filing, and to submit.

Please note:

  • Presentation of your identification card maybe requested
  • Please keep the [pink] copy of the form submitted – to confirm submission
  • Faculty may only request a maximum of five (5) Grade Change forms for each class. If you need to changes grades for the whole class, please make special arrangements with The Office of Students Services- room 217 N at the 68th Street campus.

Contact Leslie Casanova ( if you have any questions

Instructors may need to access their WebRoster link to be sure of students CUNYFirst IDs (empl IDs),  term/year, Course And Section information.

Note that Records Dept. will not accept improperly filled out Change Of Grade forms, these will be returned to instructor.

Instructors: To access webroster:

Go to:
*HR/Campus Solutions
*Self Service → Faculty Center → My Schedule

Once you get in and select your course and semester, you should see the photo’s of the students, then CUNYFirst ID (Empl ID).